Paintless Dent Repair is the art of removing dents, large and small, from the metal panels of cars, trucks and motorcycles (fuel tanks and fenders). The dents are pushed up from the back side of the damaged area to restore the area to it’s original condition. The process is slow and tedious but the results are worth the effort. Even hail damage can be removed with paintless dent repair, which has become the preferred method by most insurance companies.

PDR has many benefits over conventional body shop repair in that the vehicle is repaired in hours versus days. This saves time and money as the cost of most Paintless Dent repairs are a fraction of the conventional repair. The other added benefit is that it maintains the original factory finish and factory warranty. Please feel free to stop by for a free estimate. Many repairs can be done while you wait. Some larger, more difficult repairs may require several hours. These repairs will need to be scheduled in advance.

Our paintless dent repair technician has been in the business for over 6 years and has experience on almost every make and model of vehicle on the street today from Ford to Ferrari. Our technician will never drill holes in your vehicle to gain access to a dent. This not only leads to rust but almost always voids the manufacturers warranty on that panel. Our technician will remove necessary vehicle components like tail lamps, headliners, and door panels to gain access to the damaged area. This may take a little longer but it preserves the integrity of the vehicle.